Planning Support – Town & Country Planning Act 1990


Contamination is a material planning consideration. The TCPA is the general legislation dealing with the remediation of land where re-development on previously contaminated land is proposed. Support through the Planning Process would be provided by the UR team as required on a project by project basis.

Regardless of whether outline or detailed planning submissions are being applied for, early dialogue with the planning authority and the appropriate consultees would be advisable. We would as a matter of course, open dialogue with the Local Environmental Health Officer, the Environment Agency (where there is a risk to Controlled Waters) and other interested stake-holders dependant on the scope and setting of the development.

Certain basic programme hold points need to be managed to mitigate delays.

Generally these planning constraints, would need to be accounted for both in resource costs and programme durations and would include, inter alia;


Planning Support
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