Geo-Environmental and Geo-Technical


As part of the all-risk lump sum fully warranted price Urban Regen offers it’s clients, the team engages with one of our select list of Consultants with whom we have developed long term working relationships to support the development of remedial design solutions to meet the specific site constraints, matching proposals directly with client requirements.

The use of these independant design and validation partners provides our clients with a number of benefits:


Geo Environmental and Geo Technical
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We successfully deliver remediation and infrastructure solutions on a wide range of sites.

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Working with Urban Regen gives you easy access to a wide range of specialist services.

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Our team is skilled in a wide range of fields including remediation, demolition and civil engineering.

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Our wealth of expertise and our creative approach makes us the choice of many high profile clients.

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We recognise the need to adopt a sustainable and responsible approach to land development.

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