Environmental Monitoring

An intrinsic element of brownfield remediation and reclamation, environmental mitigation measures to reduce the impact of operations on adjacent stakeholders and the subsequent monitoring to assess the level of compliance are import to both Urban Regen and our Clients. Ensuring operations are carried out with due regards to our neighbours enhances the reputation of those involved in the development and eases the concerns of adjacent residents.

Noise: monitoring equipment comprising a portable Type 1 integrated sound level meters with an external microphones capable of measuring sound levels in the range 40 to 140 dB(A), recording percentile levels, LAeq, Lmax and Lmin. Monitoring locations and noise limits are agreed, where appropriate with the local Environmental Health Officer (EHO) prior to start on site.

Vibration: monitoring equipment capable of monitoring vibration dose values in compliance with BS 7482 Part 3 1991, is deployed in continuous mode to record vibration levels up to 20 mm/s peak particle velocity for frequencies between 5 and 250 Hz. Vibration monitoring locations and limits are agreed with EHO as required by site and planning conditions.

Dust: monitoring for total inhalable and respirable dust. Total inhalable dust is sampled in accordance with HSE document MDHS 14 (2001). Monitoring of total inhalable dust is carried out using medium flow sample pumps fitted with IOM total dust collection heads and 25 mm filters. Sampling is spatially distributed to obtain data up and down wind of the working areas. Where required dust deposit gauges can be installed, complying with BS 1747, at a number of agreed points, comprising a "Frisbee Gauge" with an adhesive strip to assess the deposition rate and direction. The deposit gauge can be collected and analysed at weekly intervals, to determine dust generated and the effective area covered. Action levels are agreed with the local EHO prior to work starting, based on background levels and local sensitivity.

Odour: A regime of odour monitoring can be established where appropriate to assess the level of nuisance odour in agreement with the local EHO. Where appropriate, rotary atomisers are deployed to site to mitigate odour nuisance in addition to other barrier/cover techniques.

The Urban Regen team meticulously enforce strict environmental controls, to mitigate potential pollution or nuisance events.


Environmental Monitoring

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