Demolition and Asbestos Mitigation


Urban Regen offers a wide range of demolition services from excavation and removal of below ground obstructions and redundant to full scale demolition and asbestos removal as part of larger remediation projects. On high rise demolition projects this can involve management of specialist demolition packages by NFDC demolition contractors, using both mechanical methods and explosives techniques.

Incorporation of demolition packages provides:

Management of the demolition can also allows the team to optimise material recovery under the CL:AIRE Code of Practice to maximise the treatment and re-use of engineering materials within the earthworks, minimising the amount of waste that ultimately has to go off site leading to significant savings to our Customers.

Recovery of recycled aggregates on site can also lead to further savings where surplus materials are processed for follow on use within the development phase within the site infrastructure works.

For more information please refer to the our Lune Mills, Lancaster Case Study.



Having worked with Urban Regen for over 7 years they have become a valued partner to the business, providing us with fully integrated enabling and remediation solutions which are completed on programme and within budget.
David Wilson Homes, North West
Tony Sutton, Technical Director

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